According to the Conquistadores the Aztecs called themselves La Mexica pronounced La Mechica.

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Elotes (sweet corn as called in English) originated in Peru but was brought to Mexico many centuries ago and the best quality comes from the high plateau of central Mexico.


Pericon or Anisillo (in English known as Mexican tarragon or sweet mace or sweet marigold or Mexican marigold and other names) is a true marigold, Tagetes lucida, the original flower of the dead, now sometimes applied to other marigolds or pot marigold, calendula. The Spanish word margarita and name of the tequila drink can also mean daisy, while a translation of marigold can be maravilla. I wish I could grow or buy pericon in sheafs like she puts in the pot to flavor the sweet corn in the video above and shown in the street market below! The video below explains that pericon is a corruption of the latin name of St Johnswort, Hypericum or hypericon, above the icon.

Tequesquite is a regional mineral salt found on the margins of rivers and lakes.

More on the subject in this searchable text version of 1905 book:

Full text of “Plantas comestibles de los antiguos mexicanos